About us

Our company has been active since 1985 in the private and public engineering project at design and construction. Services provided include architectural design, construction, renovation, interior design and landscaping for both commercial and private properties.

Our designs characterized by the creation of detailed drawings, the full description of the project and full cost determination.

Since the start of work, building permit until the project is completed, select and study together what suits your own personalized space with smart solutions tailored to your requirements, thus creating the desired effect.

Through its experience, know-how, highly trained technical staff and our competitive prices and implementing new working methods, materials friendly to the environment as modern techniques services for building green, our aim is to create both functional and qualitative construction and the lifelong maintenance of professional relationships with our clients.


  1. Lazaros Paiteris, constructions manager
  2. Highly skilled technicians for job.
  3. Experienced engineers of all disciplines
Green house